Maze-ing 195

Maze-ing 195

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain


Maze 195: I chose todays quote to go along with the time of the year.  My plan for the next few weeks is to finish and self publish two of my children books.  I got a new (used) scanner that has the flip top and scans in color better than my previous one.  This should not only make my daily posts look better and save time but it will also make it easier to scan and finish my books.

The key is as Twain said starting the first task which is to scan my drawings! 


~ by mazemangriot on January 2, 2012.

22 Responses to “Maze-ing 195”

  1. “Take care of the minutes, for the hours take care of themselves” … I think this quote falls right in with your idea for today.

  2. Love the Mark Twain quote, I’m using one in my book. always good work!

  3. So glad to hear about the scanner. Key to your success!

  4. So happy to hear about the scanner. Can’t wait to see where things go. 🙂

  5. Small steps can lead us to the greater gift.

  6. Thanks for sharing your inspirational quotes. Your scanner will go to great use!

  7. this is why the web is amazing…so much great art and inspiration! here’s to a clean slate and starting new projects for the new year! Happy 2012!

  8. I wanted to thank you for visiting my site and leaving a footprint. This blog is completely different from anything else in the ethers. I love it, and look forward to the a-mazing inspiration.

  9. Great site with good inspirational quotes. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  10. I love that Mark Twain quote. Great mazes and concept and I’ll look forward to checking back and seeing the new ones.
    Thanks for visiting my little blog too!

  11. It’s always great to see a Mark Twain quote. I think he could order from McDonald’s and it would be quotable. Great choice.

  12. What a perfect quote to start the New Year! Thank you.

  13. I love the quotes they are so inspiring!

  14. Love the quote!

  15. hi thank you for liking my post! (:

  16. Thanks for the like. Really love your concept and your view on life. This quote really helped inspire me today.

  17. Stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. Your site is a-mazing – I like that it was so different from what I expected. Love it. Your art is beautiful.

  18. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog and alerting me to yours. I’ve always loved the image of the maze, the labyrinth – literally and symbolically. Good luck with your various projects. And a Happy New Year!

  19. Great quote! and another phenomenal maze. Thanks for liking my post

  20. Beautiful art!

  21. Love this quote.

    & Good luck!

  22. You know, these mazes could be activities for older adults to keep the mind active, like Sudoku.


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