Maze a day 184

Maze-ing 184


"A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind." Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

maze 184: This was a weird maze. I added a secret word within it for people to find.  Enjoy!
I chose today’s quote because I believe that discoveries are generally mistakes.  In the past few weeks I’ve met several people in the business and art world who have said that their “thing” was created by mistake. 
As I have shared my entire artistic existence is due to doodling on the back of a pad and it giving the perception of a maze.  Since starting this project and seeing what I’ve be able to accomplish makes me wonder would I have made it to where I am had I not saw a maze in my doodling pad.  I was in a training class and could easily lost the pad, spilled coffee on it etc.  And would I have still years later be creating mazes?  Maybe, maybe not but as the quote says at the time I was prepared and looking for my purpose so an accidental drawings turned into a style and purpose in my life.

~ by Warren Stokes on December 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 184”

  1. I “see” it! & I think I would have to agree. It seems most great discoveries are happened upon my accident.

    I loved your talk about the accidents that may have happened to your notepad-losing it and spilling on it-and where you may be if those things had happened, or rather, if what happened didn’t. Very interesting thoughts!

  2. Life kinda happens. Huh?


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