Maze a day 182

Maze-ing 182

"I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally." Kylie Minogue

 Maze 182:  I made a minor mistake on this maze that ruined the effect I was going after.  I was attempting to give the illusion of a ball hovering in a box or like a fish tank.  But I colored in the ball on the one frame that should have been left covered for it to really work.

The cool thing about the maze is that I was reading a magazine and saw this strange furniture that this guy designed and it gave me the idea.  So I guess to keep the creativity flowing I need to just be more observant of the world around me .

I chose the quote because I went Christmas shopping yesterday and saw that most people didn’t seem to be having fun.  Everyone looked like it was the worst day of their lives.  Although the money seemed to evaporate I enjoyed every minute of it because I know that my family will!


~ by Warren Stokes on December 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Maze a day 182”

  1. I got the concept immediately. I was more upset by the cut off corner.


  2. Love the reasons you started this commitment back in June, keep going and never stop improving yourself. Great work 😉

  3. Such a great quote- I think I’ll adopt this one. :}


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