Maze-ing 178

Maze-ing 178

'Starving artist' is acceptable at age 20, suspect at age 40, and problematical at age 60." Robert Genn

Maze 178:  I chose this quote because last night was the art showcase and it was a good time.  I got TOO much good feedback.  The only problem with that is it gives me the confidence to forget reality and go after my true purpose. Not a bad thing if I can make it count financially. 

Most artists I spoke with believe in the entire starving artist concept, myself included.  But after last night and hearing the comments run through my mind as I tried to sleep I realized that to succeed I have to refuse to believe the starving artist mentality.  I can create something from scratch “everyday” if I choose and sell it for what I want.  So how could I ever starve? 

I sold a piece and made some possibly good connections.  But the feedback is what made me feel the best.  Its cool when people get your work, and find value in it.  And for me the more people give me feedback the more I want to go after my art and find those that are willing and interested in paying me for my talents.



~ by Warren Stokes on December 16, 2011.

One Response to “Maze-ing 178”

  1. The world is full of abundance if that is what you choose to perceive. I always have enough in my life because that is what I think I deserve. Now if I can just work on the “time” thing. Feeling I have more than enough time for everything, and not feeling endlessly pressured, that would help a lot.

    Congrats on the sale, and the positive feedback. You deserve all those good things.


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