Maze a day 159

Maze a day 159

I’m proud to announce the release of my first calendar for 2012 which can be purchased at

"A theory can be proved by experiment; but no path leads from experiment to the birth of a theory." Manfred Eigen

 Maze 159:  I chose this quote looking for something that fit experimenting.  I’m not sure I understand what Eigen was saying here.  Any thoughts??? 

 I figured I should do 1-10 since I’m doing the alphabet.  So I can make a book of mazes for kids to learn their letters and numbers. 

I liked the way this turned out.  I think that the latter letters and numbers will look 100x better than the beginning ones.  I seem to get better doing these the more I do.  I’ve been really experimenting with multiple layers and connecting them with in the maze.


~ by Warren Stokes on November 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 159”

  1. I am so excited about the maze calendar. As soon as I get paid and am sure I can pay the rent etc. I will buy. You are on my list. Woo Hoo.

    I have decided that you are amazing. My attempts at publishing a work of art and a blurb everyday is just a bit more than I can handle. Warren, you are the man. Keep up the amazing work. !!!!


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