Maze a day 156

Maze a day 156

"Ooh I see someones addicted to mazes!" Dennis

 Maze 156: I chose this quote from a guy I just met. I showed him a handful of mazes (about 120) and he was blown away.  The first thing he said is that I was addicted to making mazes.  Thinking about the statement I wonder what is the difference between addiction and habit?  The mazes although probably not good for my thumbs seem to be a release and definitely bring joy to my life. 

He also jokingly mentioned that for x amount of dollars and 30 days he could break my “addiction” and get me down to a maze a week.  He had me laughing the entire time we spoke.  But the best part of the conversation was his comments about my art.  He was amazed by the amount of work and the different looks. 

He then said something that may have changed my life forever!  He said “Wow what such an amazing gift to be blessed with!”  It was strange for me to hear that someone (although people have said similar things) believes my art to be a gift and that I’m blessed.  I have chalked all of my art up to practice and copying past techniques.  Never have I thought of this as a talent.  When I guess in reality I should. 

Well those are the thoughts of the day.  And I want to say that I give thanks for the artistic talents that I have been given as well as wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!


~ by Warren Stokes on November 24, 2011.

One Response to “Maze a day 156”

  1. A wonderful maze on a wonderful day. I hope you have a great day also.


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