Maze a day 145

Maze a day 145

“DAMN, DAMN, DAAAMMN!!!!!” Florida Evans on Good Times

Maze 145 I checked the stupid blog after every  upload and saw the maze there.  And now just like everyone else it’s not there.  I’m so frustrated and angry with things right now.  I worked my ass off the past few months to continue toward my goal and to miss it on a day that I complete a maze is f-ing killing me. 

I had such a good day with my boy and to come to post and see this has really just filled the kettle to the top.  I’m really shocked at how angry I am.  I don’t know as a positive as I work to be I think this has really pushed me over the edge.   But I guess that’s life.
Wow and on top of it all I just tried to upload the damn maze again and low and behold it posted the first time I tried!!!!!!!!

~ by Warren Stokes on November 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Maze a day 145”

  1. Today seems like a good day to tell you that I appreciate your dedication to this project.
    BTW, I joined your post list a few months ago after seeing it on Craigslist with a quote that hit home.
    (Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. -Bill Cosby)
    You are meeting your goals, living your life and truly growing as an artist. Thank you for sharing this work.

  2. Time to begin learning from your mazes. That maze taught you to accept that all things are as they should be, to trust in that and go with the flow. If you remain rigid around your perimeter then you stop the flow and your work will become rigid, forced and unflowing….Visionkeeper

  3. Not your fault, and you did the work, are doing the work, will do the work. It wasn’t a failure, it was a technical glitch.

    I have new appreciation for your posting everyday, now that I am attempting to do the same. However I am pulling from a back log of art. I have renewed respect for what you are doing. Shit happens. Love the alphabet – I think all artists at one point think about an alphabet theme.

    • Thanks for the feedback and thoughts. It feels good to know people care about the project. I can remember thinking that I would never make 20 but I did. So I just have to deal with the initial let down of the technical aspects of it. Because Mary is right I did actually create a maze and that was the real goal of it.


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