maze a day 133 oops a mistake from me!

Maze a day 133

“A man's errors are his portals of discovery.” James Joyce

maze 133: Yesterday I posted the maze as 134 when it was supposed to be 133.  So a little mistake on my part.  And thats why I chose today’s quote.  My entire career as an artist has arrived from mistakes.  As my muse taught me to stop erasing and keep going I have learned so many things and learned to explore and discover from my mistakes.
With that said today I started drawing with my left hand to train myself to draw with both hands.  And the amount of mistakes I made was frustrating but it was cool to see to how far my right hand has come in so many years.  I plan to practice a few minutes each day with my left to see how long if at all it takes to train my left hand to draw as good as the right.   Check out which is the same as this site just a real domain name for my art and project.



~ by mazemangriot on November 1, 2011.


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