Maze a Day 129

Maze a day 129


"I don't want to jinx us but I feel really good about the team we have." Chris Kokkinis


Maze 129: Today’s maze started out as a snowflake to represent the pounding Denver took today.
But as you can see it transformed into something different. I have to give thanks today that
everyone I know is home safe. There were a lot of trees branches falling everywhere around town
and one that hit our/neighbors roof.

Keeping in subject with this weeks posts, and the sudden “things going against me” trend
I have begun to slightly worry about my drawing hand. Its kinda funny but I have noticed I
will avoid/be extra careful doing normal things. Like closing doors, using knives for cooking,
playing with my kids, etc.  I know I’m being silly but I just can’t seem to help it. 

That was supposed to be yesterday’s post but with the computer issues I had to rewrite the post.  So now today’s post and quote fit perfectly because I slipped on a patch of ice and broke a piece of bone off in my ankle with a bad sprain.  The good news was that I didn’t hurt my hands or any other part of my body.  I was pretty luck that I didn’t hit my head on my car or the ground. 

So now i have to share my the excitement and feeling that my art career is about to take off financially! Jinx!!!!


~ by mazemangriot on October 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Maze a Day 129”

  1. Everything will turn out exactly the way you want it to. Just believe in your destiny!

  2. “Your thoughts create your reality” so think positive, don’t even entertain thoughts of something going wrong with your hands! See them as strong, surround them everyday with the white light of loving protection and see them as always being a healthy part of your being. If you think about negative possibilities going wrong with them then that is what you will bring to your life! See yourself sure and able and all will be well. Good maze!

  3. Thanks you two! I do see great things happening on the horizon or actually I should say more great things. This entire project has been a great positive in my life on a daily basis and its only getting better.


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