Maze a day 123

Maze a day 123

" Time! How many of us have it " Me

Maze 123: This maze was supposed to be an iceberg and I was going to have the sky night-time.  But I made a mistake and made shadows on the top part black so I didn’t want to lose that by coloring the sky black.   I have to say that I’m really starting to feel better and more confident with using color.  Although I did the colors in the paint program.

I was looking for a good quote about time and my computer would not bring up the quotes site so I quoted myself about what I was thinking about.  I once had a friend that said that you should do your “art” when inspiration hits.  And she felt this way because she lacked the time to just create.

I challenged her way of thinking and this was way before I started this project to make time.  And she claimed that she couldn’t find any.  But I believe more than ever now that time must be found if we are to serve the purpose we were put here for.  The problem I believe that we all suffer from is that we believe that we need perfect, specific, motivated and inspired time.  And let’s be real that will rarely happen unless we try daily.

In the past 123 days  less than a 1/3 were inspired and just eye-opening great moments in maze making history.  However, the last 110 have been motivated and confidence building to my esteem and what I’m truly capable of.   It’s the daily repetition of finding time that has allowed inspiration to find me and help me to create new and exciting mazes.  And that time never needed be defined or written in stone.  I just find it where it’s at and believe me chunks of time are everywhere in a 24 hour period that most of us usually waste.

~ by Warren Stokes on October 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 123”

  1. You are so right, if it is important we make time. An we have a litany of excuses for the things we don’t get to. Thanks for the kick in the butt.


  2. Beautiful artwork. I am impressed and a wonderful way to express yourself. I look frward to seeing what each day brings. Thanks! Visionkeeper


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