Maze a Day 116

Maze a Day 116

"Ask not what fun does for you. Ask rather what you do for fun." Unknown

Maze 116: My sons  and I spend summertime playing at the park working on their skills in their sports hockey and soccer.  Its great fun but I think watching them play is even more fun.  Tomorrow is my oldest sons first 5 on 5 game ever and my middle son plays soccer in another city at the same time.  So unfortunately I have to miss one.

Although a little sad about that I like the fact that they are playing something they enjoy and are actually getting pretty good at.  I hate to say but I think I kinda live through them while they play their sports but I make sure to let them know I’m proud of them regardless the outcome.

The games are early and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!  This weekend will be full of fun.


~ by mazemangriot on October 14, 2011.

One Response to “Maze a Day 116”

  1. You deserve a reward for all your hard work. Enjoy!!


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