Maze a day 110

Maze a  day 110

"While we are considering when we are to begin, it is often too late to act." Quintillian

Maze 110:  That was close! 18 minutes left.

~ by Warren Stokes on October 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 110”

  1. I was told by someone that time is relative in the virtual and digital world. I posted an assignment one night with 45 seconds left to spare. someone told me that was a long time in the digital age. It was way too close for me.

    You made it. Goal and deadline reached. Bravo!!

    I like the puzzle piece theme.

  2. I REALLY like this maze, but it is incomplete. The image has been cut off on the sides. Is it possible to see the whole image?


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