Maze a day 96 We all take our licks!

Maze a day 96

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.-- Chinese Proverb.

Maze 96: Today I was kicked out of my sons soccer game for talking to him. The ref had warned the parents on our side for talking about all his missed calls. So almost the next play my son had a chance to get the ball that was knocked away from him by a hand ball that wasn’t called and I told him don’t worry about it.  And the ref made me leave or our team forfeits.

I left the inside of the park to get on the other side of the fence because I refused to watch the game from the parking lot for talking to my son. He tried to threaten me again but I didn’t budge.  He knew he was wrong for doing that and went on with the game. It blows my mind that he tried to make an example out of me, cause my son to breakdown into tears, because of his ego.  He wasn’t making the calls and our parents were talking about it not even talking to him and yet instead of watching for fouls he’s worried about what parents are saying.

However, I was wrong for cussing while leaving the field.  I was singled out for no reason, some parents believe it was race since I was singled out, or quite honestly mistaken identity (we have a parent who screams non stop and I think the ref may have thought that was me).  Regardless of the reasoning I lost my cool enough to curse at him in front of the kids.

All three of my sons were there and  I teach them to respect authority especially in sports and to protest with a good performance rather than with their opinions.  Which I didn’t do.  My sons and I practiced all summer for days like today and I refuse to miss it b/c of arrogance, my own included.  But as I explained to the team that it won’t happen again.  The Cussing that is,  as easy as I was kicked out it will probably happen again.

The good thing about it all is that my son’s team won the game in the face of adversity.  They weren’t getting calls going their way and they were playing a team that had to average a good 2 years in age and six or more inches in height.  I was proud of the team and my son , but wish that my son didn’t have to see his father kicked out of his game.


~ by mazemangriot on September 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 96 We all take our licks!”

  1. I am really glad that your son soccer team had won! It’s ok, we all lose on cool sometimes, as long as we learn from it and not to do it again. I hope you treated the team out for pizza! ahaha

  2. What a great story! Even as adults we are never too old to learn a lesson. I think it’s okay for our children to see that we are not perfect and can easily make mistakes, too. I’m sure we’ve all said a few choice words at times best left unsaid but oh well. It’s not a perfect world we live in.

    Glad your son’s team won!



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