Maze a day 89

Maze a day 89

"The combination of experience and experimentation will ultimately yield a personal sound." Mark White

I chose this quote because of my feelings about this maze and my increasing difficulty with creating mazes.  Today I chose to use a basic shape and experiment with the pieces.  In the past I would usually be on my way toward artistically hibernating for the winter only to return in the spring.

This is obviously not an option given my goal.  And as scared and slightly stressed I am about it I’m excited.  I’m beginning to realize that with any craft comfort rarely yields innovation.  It’s through pushing the limit of the comfort zone that one can begin to really find new ideas and concepts.

As I mentioned in the past I would have just put the pens away but the daily grind is forcing me to challenge the rules and barriers I created which I hope sooner than later will result in better looking art!  So please bear with me!


~ by Warren Stokes on September 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Maze a day 89”

  1. I often wonder how successful I would be in your position. YOU ARE DOING! That is something in and of it self. You are not giving up, you are not giving in. Your support team is out here cheering you on! I have said this before and I mean it: You are an inspiration. When I think about backing off or not giving something my best effort I think of you and your goal. If you can do it so can I.

    I really like this maze.

  2. A friend says to me “You are always doing art whether you paint or read.” The research in a down time, even quiet reflection, is productive for the artist. Another friend once said when I was diverted “Go in your studio and do your work. Build on what you have accomplished.” there are no mistakes.

  3. I love this maze!


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