Maze a day 85

"Every step counts!" Unknown

Finding a way! That’s is my purpose for doing this blog. I have shared my art heart and soul hoping that it would help me to get on track and it has worked. I honestly never expected for anyone to follow my journey but now that people have, Lets Walk!

I’ve been inspired by the Hoyt’s ever since the moment I saw the story more than a decade ago. But after having the opportunity to speak with Dick Hoyt and speak it is truly a life changing experience. And I proudly share this life changing moment with you!

From the beginning of the conversation I quickly realized that the father son team is just that truly a team. Before speaking with Dick  I believed that Dick was just a great daddy giving his all for his son.  In hindsight I learned the greatness in Rick as well.  And that there is no Team Hoyt without both. Dick said on several occasions during our conversation “Rick is the one pushing me!” The two are truly a team! A concept that as a past athlete I didn’t fully comprehend until this interview and hope that I can give justice to the Hoyt Team with my words.

1. Lack of motivation seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to achieving one’s goals. I understand that Rick was the initial motivator for starting the races, but what keeps you motivated to continue after all these years?

When we first started running no one would accept us.  Race organizers tried to find reasons to not let us run.  But we would not accept no for an answer.  This would get us more motivated to continue running. After awhile people started coming up to us and thanking us.  Because they saw Rick and I running they felt they could do it and we are in the best shape of our lives thanks to you. We had a young girl who was ready to commit suicide, but saw our video and now is 18 years old and running and competing in triathlon. We have had alcoholics and drug addicts who are now sober and clean and out running doing triathlon. We
have had mothers and fathers who have seen us compete who go home to hug their children and find ways to spend more time with them.  More people around the world are out running and doing triathlon because of us.  

2. What advice would you give to the readers about how to stay motivated to go after their dreams/goals!

Prepare themselves both mentally and physically. Set goal’s and work hard to achieve them.  Have fun and enjoy your work and never give up no matter the odds.

3. Most incredible thing that has happened since starting Team Hoyt?

People excepting people who are physically challenged! When we first started out nobody wanted anything to do with us.  Now we are invited all over the world. People from other countries come over to the U.S. to do stories about Team Hoyt.  There are now 12 chapters in the U.S. that organize and have competitions that have physically challenged children in the running races and triathlons. 

4. I would assume that the races themselves present a challenge that almost cannot be matched anywhere else. Many people defeat themselves before they start (going after their dreams) or along the way.  How do you defeat the naysayer in you to keep going in the races?

Rick’s smile is what keeps me going!  After the first time we raced and Rick told me he didn’t feel disabled it motivated me to continue on.  His smile helps me get through all the miles of each race.

5. What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome  in life?

Getting people to accept Rick.  Doctors didn’t give him a chance and my wife and I refused to give up on him.  We included him in everything when at the time most physically challenged people were institutionalized.  We would take him out to eat, swimming, all family activities and treat him as a human being.  We had to fight to get him accepted period from the public schools to races. 

For more information about Team Hoyt please visit


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