Maze a day 68

Maze a day 68

“What is the difference between exploring and being lost?” Dan Eldon

This is the best quote to describe this maze from beginning to publishing.  When I drew the entire layout I closed all the sections so the maze wouldn’t work.  So I stopped it and never finished.  I picked it up this morning and decided to finish it and color it in to explore colors.

I had to scan it many times just to get it to the color it is now.  So I’m happy with my exploration in color but lost in my use of the technology.  I think I’m ready to start using colors to help with the depth of the mazes.


~ by mazemangriot on August 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Maze a day 68”

  1. I think I do know exactly what You mean.
    Whole life is a jourey so exploring is the most important thing to do.If we lost ourself in prosses so good…
    we will find ourself in a very good time,the best for us.
    I love the couloring..simply adoring green..

  2. I like it, glad you are thinking about color.

    Something to remember when you are publishing is that you can use gauche or white acrylic over ink lines. Depending on your scan resolution the corrections won’t show. And as you are learning, there are a number of ways to manipulate the artwork digitally so you could even have opened the locked areas with an eraser tool in PS. I am always intrigued by the designs, more than the mazes, but it is an important part of what you do so keep those mazes real!

    The quote is perfect.


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