Overcome the licks Maze 56

Maze 56

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” William Shedd

I chose this quote because of the admiration I have for my sons courage!  Two of my boys are going to play sports in fall hockey and soccer.  And with the costs of hockey we really can’t afford to have them both play.  I came up with an idea for them to do a fundraiser and helped write a “sales pitch” so they could get people to sponsor them.

Long story short the fundraiser was a success and they raised over $300 by running a mile and getting a dollar amount per lap up to 4.  But what impressed me the most is how my boys handled the “sales” aspect of it.  The courage it takes to ask people for money is one thing.  But to do it after you have been turned down a couple of times takes true courage. 
People in our apartment complex were impressed by their professionalism and helped as best they could.  But not all of their attempts were successful.  And yet my sons brushed off the rejection and went to the next door.  I’m so proud of them and look up to them for inspiration in getting my own business back and up and running.




~ by Warren Stokes on August 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Overcome the licks Maze 56”

  1. Must be the good role models they have.

    • Thanks I agree I have a great wife! I never thought I would have kids and the fact that I do now blows my mind that I look up to them and what they are able to do with a little bit of direction and their drive.


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