Ask for help, I’d rather die Maze 55

Maze 55

"What shapes our lives are the questions we ask, refuse to ask, or never think to ask." Sam Keen

 When I found this quote I was excited to use it with today’s maze.  Especially in regards to asking for help.  I have issues with pride when it comes to help and many times in my life it has caused more trouble than the initial problem. 

The problem for me asking for help hasn’t been the asking but the fear of the answer and the opinion or feedback that comes along with the help.  This is something that makes no sense but seems so valid.  I need help and won’t ask because I don’t want to hear others opinions of my failure.  When in reality I more than likely needed to hear their feedback.

It seems safe to add that what shapes our lives are the answers we listen to, refuse to listen to, or never think to listen to.  What keeps you from seeking help when you need it?


~ by Warren Stokes on August 14, 2011.

One Response to “Ask for help, I’d rather die Maze 55”

  1. Agreed…Many times we don’t ask because of fear of what the answer will be. I’ve had people tell me the same. Yet, we must have the courage and the faith to speak up for ourselves and take the answers whether we like it or not. All in all, what is meant for us, we will have.


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