I’m not done! Maze 41

Maze 41

"May the best of the past be the worst of your future." Author unknown

Check out the SHOW tab on the site I have a slide-show of the first 40 mazes.

I heard this quote while  drawing this maze and thought it would be perfect for today’s quote.  When I uploaded the mazes to the slide-show and watched the past 40 days I was blown away with the past work and the task is not even 2 months old.

With yesterday being the closest I’ve been to missing a maze a day I realized how much I underestimated myself.   The day I started the project I didn’t expect anyone to read it and would post a maze for a week.  At the same time I underestimated actually having to  publish maze a day for a year.

It was definitely responses and comments from visitors that kept me going until yesterday when I almost gave up on my goal.  I realize that as in any project I have to take it a day at a time v.s. trying to tackle the entire project.  However the most important thing  I need to do is  have faith in my ability to make it happen.

Now more than ever I feel confident in reaching 365 mazes in 365 days.  I appreciate the visitors comments, feedback, and opportunities I’ve gotten by  sharing art.   I definitely  believe the best of the past 40 days will be the worst of my future completing this project.


~ by Warren Stokes on July 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “I’m not done! Maze 41”

  1. Great message! Love your tenacity! Your gift will take you there…

  2. July 30 was one of my bad days. I did something to a digital illustration that I could not figure out how to correct. This is my ignorance of the program at work. I was under a time constraint that I could not affect. I beat myself up about turning in a imperfect assignment. I went to make a bank deposit and forgot a check. I was late for a volunteer gig. (I am so rarely late for anything I could almost say never late) Just one of those days.

    I really look forward to your Mazes, your blog, and especially the sense of encouragement I get from you doing what you are doing. Thank YOU Warren!

    • Thanks Mary! I will keep working hard to keep my fans happy. I actually spent yesterday figuring out how to streamline my process of creation. Now that I have system in place I shouldn’t have too many issues completing my work. But I’m actually having a lot of fun doing this. Especially when I look back at the past weeks.


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