Maze 27

Maze 27

"Make it funky!" James Brown

When going after what you want in life don’t forget to make it funky! Add the spices to whatever you do that gives your life flavor.  Personally I know that I usually get caught up in the final destination and forget to sit back and enjoy the trip.  When this happens I know I create flavorless, funk less, non inspired work.

Working these daily mazes is reminding me to appreciate the opportunity and be ME!  And with the true me comes the natural funky!

Today’s maze and tomorrows are twins.   I made a two-part maze that almost mirrored itself.  In my journey to  make increasingly harder mazes I tried my rendition of twins and this is what I came up with.




~ by mazemangriot on July 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “Maze 27”

  1. Being a master procrastinator myself, i find your posts very inspiring, and i will keep an eye on your progress, if only to kick myself in the butt after.

  2. What a great idea. Your mazes are awesome!

  3. I looked at the maze and wondered what is that path on the right? Now I know. I promised myself that I would, using your term
    : “keep it funky” when I decided to get this Graphic design degree; to listen to my inner voice. I am with you, sometimes the discipline required to stay on the path detracts from the path, Can wait to see the mirror. 😉

    • Thanks as all ways! The path on the right will take you to the other side/the border of the next maze. I used to make music and many times would try and make a track that would “sell” instead of just making music that I loved. So at times my tracks would lack the “funk” I think creativity really shines through when your not worried about what happens after the work is done. The best thing about this maze project is that my goal is always to make a harder maze. Which means that all the mazes I create I don’t worry about what others think. With that has just increased the creativity, size, style and what have you.

  4. Your mazes are beautiful. What patience you have!

  5. I should get you to do one of a dragon for my second book. That would be totally awesome.


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