Maze 16

Maze 16

“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” Zig Ziglar

As a entrepreneur, writer and artist I can appreciate this quote.  When it comes to our ideas too many times we are scared of sharing it because we feel someone will take it.

This can hurt in many ways especially in regards to confidence.  I have wasted a lot of time worrying about what others may do with my ideas that I lost productivity as well as devalued my talent as something that just anyone can do.

Once I learned/gained the confidence to understand that I have talent and it took practice and work to get my abilities I felt stronger and wanted to share my ideas and work.  I used to think that these mazes were so simple and easy that my sons or anyone else could do them.

What I’m capable of doing should never be looked at or compared to others before I  realize the power and uniqueness I have.

I also wanted to share a story about this maze.   I went to the public library to draw this maze.  It’s the main library in Denver so its pretty big.  I went to a quiet place on the third floor and started drawing.

I have my mp3 on at all times so when a guy sat down and started talking on his cell phone it didn’t bother me.  I could hear him talking but it was all good because I was caught in the art.  Eventually my ears hurt and I removed my headphones and began to hear his conversation.

I then realized that he had his cell phone on speaker phone because I could hear the other party respond to him.   We were both there for about a total of two hours before a guard came by.  The guard walked by the man first without telling him to hang up.  So I asked why he didn’t tell him to take it outside.  The guard responded “He doesn’t have a phone!”  Wow!  I didn’t share that to make fun of mental illness, but I just wanted to share a crazy (no pun intended) story during the making of one of my mazes.


~ by Warren Stokes on July 6, 2011.

One Response to “Maze 16”

  1. these mazes are really great! I found your link on Minnesota craigslist. I am also a mazemaker:

    One a day is incredible. and these are really impressive mazes. I plan to follow your progress and watch these mazes coming in each day. Keep it up


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