Maze 11

I Maze 11

"The hardest part about moving on is never looking back." Dawson Leary

Looking back can haunt us in many ways.  Personally I have issues with looking back worrying about how much time I have wasted or where I thought I should be by now in my career or reaching goals.  This is not only detrimental to my future success but a waste of time.

The past is something that I cannot change so why live in it?  How can you drive in reverse and move forward?  As hard as it is I realize that I have to focus on the present and whats right in front of me to achieve.

I have to apologize for this pic its poster board size and cannot be scanned.  I have started working on bigger sized mazes so from time to time they will look like this.




~ by mazemangriot on July 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “Maze 11”

  1. Dear Mazeman, let me tell you – you’ve got everything it takes to succeed: talent, intelligence, humanity & so on…yet something holds you back…
    I’d like to share this link (since I’ve been through the similar issues):
    I trust this man, Bob Proctor. He helped me a lot. The most difficult but crucial thing for me was my willingness to change my life…
    Good luck !

  2. So true! What is the point of looking back? Can’t get far doing that! I get very frustrated after listening to the same conversation – day in and day out – with others who seem content in rehashing failed attempts, or past mistakes. There’s so much more life, laughter, and possibility in starting anew, with a tabula rasa, on a regular basis. This isn’t to imply that we must abandon project after project; but rather, that we must learn the lessons, and apply them while moving forward.

    I’m enjoying looking at your mazes, and a(maze)d by your sheer talent. This kind of work clearly requires a certain level of dogged determination and perseverance, that many of us rarely take the time to cultivate. I commend you! Thanks for the inspiration, and for taking the time to read my most recent post on “Loosing & Finding Love…Unconditional”. I surely appreciated the feedback!

  3. By far my favorite work of yours so far. Can’t wait to see more of these phenomenal pieces of art.


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